Why you should select Shan Translation? Compare with others and then select!


For any organization, a key to achieve success is to assemble a strong and stable management team. Shan has an ‘all women team’ in its management. We have some inspirational leaders in the lead and dedicated employees as a team. We started from a team of 2 members and now grown to a team of 35 talented women employees.


Translation companies are a part of language industry which is very dynamic in nature. To sustain in the competition, company must have offers which can differentiate them from others. Shan Translation is one of the world’s largest translation companies which offer translations in more than 2200 language pairs.


Quality work with competitive pricing always makes a deal look more attractive. Shan Translation offers the lowest prices for most of the languages in the industry. Along with this, we charge as per the source language (which is very rare). We always strive for value for money deals. Our price list is available on the website for comparisons.

Resource Pool

Success of any company is directly related to the efforts put in by its team. Shan is proud of its associates who have helped us in achieving great milestones. Shan’s resource pool consists of almost 25000 translators and 2000 transcription experts. We lay emphasis on having native and experienced translators in our team.

Work Experience

Expertise comes with experience. We have a work experience of more than a decade in translation. We work with individuals and both private and government institutions.  We translate all types of documents in all domains .We have specialized in offering translation services to Embassies, Consulates and Foreign affairs ministries.

Estimate cost

Our policy is to let our clients estimate the cost of their project online before hiring us for the job. Shan gives you the choice of estimating your cost of project online without sharing any of your personal details with us. To know about the exact cost of your project, simply visit https://shantranslation.com/estimate-cost/ and fill up a form.

Worldwide Presence

Shan Translation is an international organization which accepts work from any part of the world. Shan has a local presence in many countries that is managed by our country associates. All our operational and banking related work is handled by the country associates. This helps in providing output as per the target demographic.

Online chat

Shan deals with clients from any part of the world. We do acknowledge the different time zones of the world. To cater to our clients living in countries having different time zone from ours, we have the facility of 24X6 online chat services. This helps us in addressing various issues timely. Our executive will always be available to address the issues.


We take full responsibility of work done by us – or not done. We understand that, there can be cases of human frailties which can create a situation of non delivery of work on time which is why we are the only company who accepts responsibility and offers penalty to our clients. Shan offers variable self imposed penalty in such cases.